Frequently Asked Questions

In this presentation (pdf) which was given in Brazil, September 2011, a short description is given how to use the website.

Use the "MAP" menu item on the main menu and locate the location to be edited on the map. By clicking on the point in the map, the information of the location is shown. If you are the owner of the point (you have uploaded the point while being logged as the same user) you will see an "edit" tab on top of the page. If you click on this edit tab, you come into the "UPLOAD YOUR DATA" mode for the selected point, and you may alter the information which you have entered and/or add other relevant information.

Uploading of a location is only possible if you log in to the site. If you are logged in, you should be able to see the  "UPLOAD YOUR DATA" item in the main menu bar (blue).

Use the "UPLOAD YOUR DATA" item from the main menu to and enter relevant information on you site.

You can place your location on the map, by first zooming to the approximate location of you site. This can be done by zooming and moving the map to youre location (zooming is done by rolling the mousewheel, moving/panning the map by pressing the mouse button and moving the mouse). Another way to locate your site on the map is to type in a (bigger) place near your site location in the search window below the map ("Search address:"). By typing slowly suggestions will be given of known places. By pressing <enter> an attempt will be made to locate the placed entered in the search window on the map.

By using the pencil tool in the map window the exact position of your location can be fixed on the map.

If you've entered all known data of your site, use the <submit> button on the end of the page to save your information.

If the information is incomplete at this time, one may always add extra information later (see changing/adding site information)

The WKT fields stand for "Well Known Text" fields. In this application the position (latitude and longitude) of a location are stored in the WKT field. Normally you use the pencil tool to place a location on the map while uploading your data. It is also possible to manually enter coordinates in the WKT field, just by displaying the WKT field, and edit the longitude and latitude values (e.g. GEOMETRYCOLLECTION(POINT(33.242654800415 49.615381488303))).

Click on MAP on the main menu bar (blue). By default, the site shows a map of Europe. All sites are plotted on the map, but if they are closely together the locations are clustered to one location. By clicking on an aggregated location, one can see the individual locations. One can also zoom in ....

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