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We invite you to upload your information on perennial crop for biomass energy research or production sites. Just make an account and upload data for one or more sites (location, crop type, yields, etc.). You can also upload pictures and documents (download presentation for instructions). When you are logged on, you may contact other people who have shared their information on Perennial Biomass Crops.

In the presentation held in Brazil a description is given how to use the website.

If you encounter any problems, please first look in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions with Answers) or contact us for help or send us your site information.

This website has been made for IEA Task 43 and is sponsored by the The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation (EL&I)  in the framework of the Dutch membership of the IEA Task 43, contact person is Jan van Esch.

This is a website that has been set up to give producers, researchers and others interested in Perennial Biomass Crops for energy production an opportunity to access practical and research information on these crops. We hope this will help to accelerate the adoption of these crops, which should help to generate sustainable biomass at a low cost in the near future. The website should help to give commercial producers access to research information generated over the last 2 decades and it will give researchers the opportunity to be involved efficiently in implementing their findings. Many of the practical and research findings are geographically specific. Providing georeferenced information on Perennial Biomass Crops should greatly help to match existing information People looking for information with people able to provide information. 

We invite you to upload your own information on Perennial Biomass Crops production, research and other activities.

We would like to hear your comments and/or suggestions for improvements. 

Wolter Elbersen, Igor Staritsky

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